Advanced stormwater management

NPDESPro works with your MS4's existing internal processes for custom management of all six MS4 control measures. The result is easy on-boarding, reduced training time, and an efficient stormwater program.

"We wanted something user-friendly. It was great to be able to take a picture in the field, look up drainage system numbers, etc. and have that capability right there on your's really great!"

Audrie Starsy
Surface Water Program Manager
Newcastle, WA

Complete MS4 control

  1. Public Education & Outreach
  2. Public Participation
  3. Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination (IDDE)
  4. Management of Construction Site Runoff
  5. Management of Post Construction Site Runoff
  6. Good Housekeeping
Chart: pie chart showing 6 MS4 controls
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We provide one-on-one training and custom data integration with each account.

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NPDESPro uses encrypted cloud-based storage and redundant off-site backups to protect your data.

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Gain real-time access to documents and photos from anywhere, on any device.

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NPDESPro provides total management of all six MS4 control measures within one system.

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Meet all six MS4 control measures+

Public Education & Outreach

Getting information to the public has never been easier than with NPDESPro. You have a large group of people that you need to communicate with, and NPDESPro makes it easy. Create audiences based on similarities such as property type, business type, area of the city, watershed, etc. so you can target communication to them. Now, use NPDESPro’s powerful email system to send educational materials to your audiences. You can even track open rates and click rates so you know exactly the impact your communications are having in your MS4.

Public Participation

NPDESPro lets you schedule, invite, and record public education events such as storm drain stenciling, booths at community events, and classes you put on. Create the event, send the invitations, take photos, and record your history of getting the public involved with NPDESPro.

Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

With NPDESPro, IDDE has never been easier. Record IDDE inspections independently or record them while performing another type of inspection in the application. Need to do routine outfall inspections? NPDESPro does that as well and allows you to record a history of compliance and to track exceedances in each watershed so you can investigate sources. Track pollutant levels, temperature, pH, and more. If you find an exceedance, flag the entire watershed so inspectors can be on the lookout for sources of pollutants during their regular inspections.With NPDESPro’s full mapping capability, you can quickly see IDDE “hot spots” and how they relate to one another and to your MS4’s outfalls.

Management of Construction Site Runoff

NPDESPro’s construction module allows you to perform  construction inspections both as the oversight agency as well as the CESCL. Plus, NPDESPro allows you to  give a limited license to contractor’s working in your MS4 so they can record their CESCL inspections  easily, allowing you to see their work as soon as they complete it. Your inspection and their inspections  populate your Construction Site Runoff dashboard and allow you to quickly be informed on the issues  being tackled in the field by your staff and the private contractors operating in your municipality.

Management of Post-Construction Site Runoff

NPDESPro manages post-construction inspections and tracks compliance for each site in your MS4 and for municipally-owned sites as well. Communication is simple with fully-customizable templates that you configure to adapt to your MS4’s processes. Once the inspections are complete, determine compliance level, send the email notice, and schedule the follow up. NPDESPro allows you to perform several types of post-construction inspections so you can track inspections of individual storm structures, industrial sites, and business/operational inspections NPDESPro also allows you to track your inspection numbers against oversight agency requirements or your own internal goals. Need to confirm that you have inspected a certain percentage of inspections each year? NPDESPro makes it easy.

Good Housekeeping in Municipal Operations

NPDESPro’s Good Housekeeping module allows you to manage and track municipal contracts for storm drain cleaning, street sweeping, or any other good housekeeping action you are taking. Need to get bids – no problem with NPDESPro. Send out RFPs right  from within the application.

Robust capabilities, intuitive interface+

We designed NPDESPro with help from stormwater managers to create a system that delivers a comprehensive suite of tools in a simple, intuitive, and organized interface. The result is an easy-to-use, extremely robust application that will quickly earn a prominent spot in your MS4 toolbox.

With NPDESPro, you can all but eliminate time in the office creating follow-up emails, letters, and reports. NPDESPro has everything to manage the time-consuming tasks of municipal stormwater management from the field, helping you to make the most out of your precious resources.

NPDESPro has been designed to adapt to your MS4's processes. Bringing on a new web-based application shouldn't mean you have to change the way you do things. Every attribute and every workflow is fully-configurable by the user in the application, meaning you won't have to pay us for changes and you won't need to re-train your staff.

  • Storage of contact information for each site/representative within inspectors region
  • Entry of inspection information from the field for each site
  • Storage of information regarding vendors in the region
  • Formatting of reports for delivery to oversight organization – Department of Ecology and/or EPA
  • Identification of storm components based on visible features
  • Creation of maintenance schedules based on identification function
  • Storage/cataloging of miscellaneous documents for sites
  • Creation of violation/enforcement documentation
  • Cataloging of history for each site
  • Direct-link between inspector and site owner/representative’s data, as controlled by site owner/representative.

Three steps to becoming compliant+

The NPDESPro system has been designed for MS4s just like your. We've made transitioning to the most feature-rich MS4 management application as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Input data 
Quickly enter individual site details via a secure  Admin Panel or have one of our representatives  provide a custom upload. 
2. Inspect sites 
Visit sites, educate the public, and hold community events. We will be there to help, so you can concentrate on what you do best. 
3. Report out 
In real-time, NPDESPro will dynamically track  compliance, send notices, track investigations,  and automatically schedule re-inspections.

“From an IT standpoint, NPDESPro has been bulletproof so far. Once we got it up and running I haven’t had to do anything with it. It is a low-cost solution for us, and it really works.”

Jim FeltySystems Analyst, City of Auburn, WA