About Us

NPDESPro is a technology company whose goal is to combine environmental practices at the forefront of stormwater quality with the latest web-based technology.

Origins: the greater good

Since the Clean Water Act (CWA) was enacted in 1972, we have all learned more about what it takes to achieve the goal of clean water. Stormwater, we have learned, is one of the largest contributors to pollution, and one that we can exercise a significant amount of control over. Since 1972, we have learned how our actions can contribute to improved stormwater runoff quality. Environmental technology, such as pollution-removing media, has developed since that time and has aided us in envisioning that our dream of clean water is attainable. However, it is not yet satisfied. Our environmental advances are helping us to apply scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

Solution: intuitive technology

NPDESPro is at the confluence of these two advanced technologies. We endeavor to leverage the environmental technologies that have developed since 1972 by using the computer technologies that have developed over the same timeline. We believe that there exists more than enough computer technology to enable the environmental technologies to do their work and bring about our dream of clean water.

Vision: all-in-one compliance

Our vision drives our products and services. We developed NPDESPro, the feature-rich application for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) to manage their entire stormwater program with confidence that they can comply with the grand goals of the original 1972 CWA, not just the requirements of their oversight agency. That vision drives us beyond an application that creates a few on-line forms to an application with the lofty goal of actually advancing the cause of clean water.

That vision will drive us to more technologies, too. We are curious and inquisitive. We do not settle for good enough. We want to see the highest quality results and won’t stop until we have. In short, we want to pair the best of the environmental technologies with the best of the computer-based technologies to give you confidence that you can comply not only with the regulations but with the spirit and goals of the original Clean Water Act.

“NPDESPro organizes our MS4 inspections, shaves some serious time off our process to increase productivity, and helps keep us NPDES compliant.”

Brian Millerformerly Water Quality Senior Engineering Technician, City of Bellevue, WA

Leadership Team

Jeff McInnis, PE


Matthew Fleming

Web Development Lead

Adam Welch

Marketing Lead